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Arkansas 60406
April 2013
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We stayed one night at the FamCamp while in transit. I was very disappointed with the setup…"Long Term" people (meaning people LIVING there) in the paved campsites while travelers were put in the NEW gravel slots. You have to like hearing Reveille at 0700 because the Giant Voice speaker is right at the FamCamp Park. Also, you will hear the noise of the C-130s on the flight line all night long as they do engine runs at all hours. Finally, the camp host was a retired civilian and couldn't get around because of his disabilities. This showed in the park…it wasn't taken care of very well. According to the FamCamp Host, the Wing Commander is not a fan of the FamCamp so they don't get a lot of support. I'd only stay here again if passing thru and there weren't any options. Next time, I'll plan on heading to another location/route to miss this place. They need to get the NEW gravel sites up to Full Hookups since they are only W/E right now. Also, they need to get Free WiFi…it's not available in the park.
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April 28, 2014
This was dated April 2013 but I do think you misunderstood the situation at LRAFB. Anyone staying there that appeared to be "living" there, other than the host were long term Pilot/Loadmaster/Navigator students who are here for training up to 6 months. Other than there there are no "Long Term" people living at this facility. I have been coming here for years and that has always been the set-up. Active duty has priority. There are 8 campsites on the hill that have huge paved pads, not gravel sites. The only gravel sites are the 6 in the wooded areas for tents, although anyone can put a camper there. OMG, I can't believe you are military and complaining about the Giant Voice and the fact that the planes run engines on the Flight Line, after all this is an Air Force Base and a training facility. Stop whining and appreciate the work these folks are doing. Oh, and the camp host had just had knee surgery and was having a hard time getting around at that time. Goodness gracious. At this time there are 7 sites on the hill that have finally been converted to full hook-up (water, electric, sewer) wtih 7 yet to go. They are definitely doing what they can to upgrade this FamCamp. Each time my family and I have come we have been treated very well and everything was very clean...even when the base mowing service wouldn't mow the sites Outdoor Rec personnel and the host did their best to keep things neat. WiFi cost money and with all the budget restraints I think I can live without it and enjoy the wonderful cost of $12 per night which is a lot less than other military parks. Again, stop whining and appreciate the good price and good people...
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