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Little Rock AFB FamCamp
(Updated: March 11, 2013)
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Feb 2013

I have some bad and good reviews about the LRAFB campsite. It is a good place to stay it's location is just perfect it's close to the lakes and Shoppette. Fine laundry facility and I love the 0700 revalee every morning it wakes me up and keeps me on my toes. Nice shower house but it could of been cleaner my shower had mold in it and it looked awful. Two of the 10 sites are used by camp host and the Assistant camp host Noel is very rude and mean to military personal. Why is a civilian like Noel the camp host anyway? I think the camp host job should be a military retired person and you need only one not two. The other one works for the BX so she isn't there very much because of her other job and she is also a civilian and they both are taken away another job for the disabled veterans that need a job. Get a camp host that is nice and helpful and I might consider coming back to stay. You are ruining the campsite with bad and rude host but the campsites are a real value for $12 per night and could be a real hot spot with different hosts. My husband is fighting and serving his country and I don't like for civilians to be rude to us on our Air Force bases.

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