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Aug 26 & 27, 2017
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This campground is about 5 miles out of the city of Valdez and situated at the base of a cliff in the Chugach Mountains. It even has it's own waterfall. Price for military is $20 dry camp and $30 for hookups. Non military prices are $5 more. Got here at 3:30 PM yesterday. As this is a no reservation campground there is a pay station at the entrance. We've been to plenty of self pay campgrounds and most have instructions posted next to the pay station. This place doesn't and that may cause some confusion for those who are not used this type of fee collection. There were no envelopes in which to enclose the site fee. I tried to find the campground host but the campground host is only on duty from 0800 to 1200 then from 1600 to 2000 and is off on Monday and Tuesday. Most of the sites I saw were level enough but some would require quite a bit of leveling. Found a pretty nice level site and set up camp figuring that if somebody wanted to take my money they would tell me. Went back to the entrance and the "Iron Ranger" now had pay envelopes, I suppose because the host was back on duty. I looked at the showers, there are 4 unisex, and they looked to be quite run down and not very clean. My big complaint is the pit toilet in the campground I used was filthy. The urinal looked as if it had never been cleaned. There was poop on the toilet seat. And there was no toilet paper. I fully understand that some campers are pigs at heart and will trash a place just for fun. Having said that, whoever is responsible for the upkeep of this place, and I don't know if it's the army MWR or the city of Valdez or both, needs to take some interest in it. It wouldn't take a great deal to make this place a really nice place to stay.
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