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April 2018
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We have been RVing for the past 3 years. We have visited every state except Kansas and have tried to stay in military campground whenever possible (we have been to dozens). I try to leave reviews so others can know about the RV parks. Most every park have been adequate to excellent. Never left a ‘less than ok’ review, until now. The good~ location, location, location! We tried to confirm the RV Park location at the gate, “no idea”. The directions on this page say to get in the left lane to turn onto Snead Ferry Road. It is a RIGHT turn. Do not go left! Check in was not smooth. I made reservations 2 months in advanced. I was told twice that we pass the Mini Mart and just choose a site. Then, let the office know what site we chose. Never heard of this before, so had the gal confirm that we are not assigned a site. So, we get to check in and they say that info is not correct and they don’t know who gave us that info. I told her the site we wanted and she said we couldn’t have it, there was someone in the site. (nobody on site).I asked which site we were assigned. Her reply “you aren’t assigned a site” What???? She had just said hey have everyone assigned and we couldn’t take the site we chose..confused. Asked to speak to a manager. That person tells us we weren’t supposed to check in for another couple weeks. Umm, have the email confirmation in hand with our dates. That got straighten out and the manager tells us our chosen site is fine, that nobody was on that site. I told the check in gal that we couldn’t get WIFI. The site had said free WIFI. She informs me that the WIFI is available (during business hours) in the office and very spotty in the RV areas. ‘Spotty’ is a generous description. It was pretty much nonexistent. I then told her the cable wasn’t working either. “ Oh, you want cable? You need a box from us for that”. They have a few papers available in slots on the wall, but give you no check-in booklet, as most military camps do. I asked the check in gal where the Commissary was located. “About 15-20 minutes from here, near the Exchange”. I told her we had never been here before and didn’t know where that was. Her reply, “oh”. The supervisor was friendly and thinking she has to deal with issues frequently. I almost felt badly for her. Another camper was in the office saying his site couldn’t get 50amp. The office gal said that some sites are not getting the 50amp and there wasn’t anything they could do about it. They would let maintenance know about their issue. The sites. Lawns (weeds) overgrown and not really neat, kept up sites. Your water hook- up is in the adjoining site, next to your neighbor’s picnic table. Some sites have a cement pad under the tables, others don’t. Sites are sandy gravel and weeds. There are one set of dumpsters at the end of the road. A dog in a site across from us barked pretty much nonstop during our stay. The cable worked fine with their equipment (that you need to ask for). No channel guide given at check in, so had to go through a 100 channels finding the ones we wanted to watch. The bathrooms/laundry require a key card to enter. Those keys need to be returned at check out. The bath house and laundry are adequate. Woman’s bath house has 4 showers, 3 did not turn on, one worked. The air conditioner unit (I think that is what it was) over the sink area had a significant leak and good size puddle on the floor. The laundry has several washers and dryers. $2.00 for wash, $1.50 for dryer. One thing to note. The $2 washers you must put 2 quarters in each slot. Not put $1 worth in and then the 2nd $ worth of quarters in. The location is picture perfect and you can hear the ocean. The price is higher than most every military campground we have visited in the past and doesn’t offer much except nice location. Sorry for all the negativity, but this was not at all what we have become accustomed to with military campgrounds. If they fix some of the issue , the location would make this a perfect campground. 
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April 20, 2019
Unfortunately, due to the terrible storms, much has changed at Onslow. They lost ALL the osprey homes and I am not sure how much of the camping area survied, however it has been mostly an enjoyable stay for us.
Sorry for your bad time. We have been there several times and experiened cable and wifii problems, but understanding the mission of the base AND the distance from mainbase I feel MWR doesn't have a lot of priority. The staff has always been nice, but it does have a high turnover.
I don't have a lot of places to compare it to but have stayed up the coast at one of the mil-camps near VA beach and although I think it was less pricey, it's right next to a highway and not much is close except by vehicle because of traffic. Onslow I guess is better for us due to the sea aroma and hearing the ocean just over the sand dunes. Plus, an extra treat (although ocean sound deadening) is watching the Osprey aircraft training. The search for fossilized shark teeth several inches in dia. is also a neat thing to try.
May 01, 2019
OMG! Sorry sweetie... this was very painful to read. Are you sure you blog this info to help people? A big part of RV'ing is "not setting expectations"... Expectations only limit your blessings. Chill out a little bit... take a deep breath and enjoy the adventure! CHEERS!!! :)
June 01, 2019
My wife and I have been to Onslow several times, and love it. In case you've been under a rock, this RV Park and the adjoining beach front rental houses were very nearly wiped of the map last year by Hurricane Florence! Onslow only reopened on a limited basis Dec 14th 2018, and they have been rebuilding since.
June 01, 2019
In answer to a couple of the comments on my review. We do 'chill' and take some the RV parks in stride.We research each military RV campground prior to booking a reservation.I DO know the area suffered massive damage during last Fall's hurricane ( I haven't been under that rock).I don't understand how the hurricane impacts misinformation, check in people who didn't have a clue or showers etc. not working.I do post the good and the bad when reviewing military campgrounds. Am I suppose to only publish the good Halekemo? Let others figure out on their own that the descriptions of a campground are not true? As I mentioned in my original review, we have stayed at military campgrounds in almost every state in the country.If the descriptions say they don't have WiFi, they don't have showers that work, the check in folks don't have a clue...then ok fine.That is what we expect when we get there. Almost across the board we have been happy with every military campground we have visited.That was not the case here.
4 results - showing 1 - 4