This is part of our trip experience. The dining facility here @ Patrick AFB, FL is open to all retires on an À la carte basis. It is manage by the Amarak Corp which also does the Travis Sierra Dining facility. The two days we have eaten meals there the retires outnumber the active duty people. They even have a web link to their menu.

The food is a huge departure from what I remember AF food being. The prices are very reasonable and the facility is very popular with the retired at the local family camp. 

I settled on a “Cubano Cheeseburger which had 6 ounce of sirloin burger, ham, bacon, mushrooms, swiss cheese, tomato etc. It was $4.05. The fries were an extra 60 cents bringing the total for this meal to $6.65.

Riverside_Dining_1 Riverside_Dining_2 Riverside_Dining_3
Patrick AFB Riverside DIning Facility They are not forgotten Today's Menu
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The Salad Bar - Mine was $2.00 The Grill Menu The Sandwich Area
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My $6.65 Meal Very Modern Decor And Etched Glass
One Happy Camper