During the last quarter of 2007, all registered members (5,600+) of the U.S. Military Campgrounds and RV Parks website were invited to vote on the 2007 Campers Choice Awards. Two awards were voted on, and the results are now available:

  1. 2007 OVERALL BEST Military Campground Award2007 Campers Choice Award

    This is the TOP military campground that users had the best overall experience and impression with. Each voting member used their own criteria to cast their vote. What are important factors in determining a good military campground may be valid to one voter, but not to another. Some of the factors considered were: location, hospitality, cleanliness, prices, facilities, local policies, and overall satisifaction with their experience.

    65 different military campgrounds were voted on. Voters could vote for any of the military campgrounds that they felt deserved this award. Voting was controlled to only allow one vote, preventing duplicate votes (or loading the votes). The 2007 Campers Choice Award for the OVERALL BEST Military Campground goes to ..... Agave Gulch FamCamp, Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, AZ.

    Agave Gulch FamCamp was a clear winner, running away with 16% of the total votes! Runner-ups were: 2nd place - Fort Bliss RV Park, TX (8%), 3rd place - Peregrine Pines FamCamp, CO (7%), 4th place - Desert Eagle RV Park, NV (7%), and 5th place - Pelican's Roost, FL (6%).


    We tried to be "politically correct" in naming this award, but this caused some confusion. A precise definition of this award wasn't made clear to voters. As a result, some military campgrounds that were voted in this category were also voted on in the Overall Best category. Again, each voter had teir own criteria of what they like and dislike.

    This award was meant to be for the military campground that showed the best promise of being a very good campground (possibly the Overall Best), but required some definitive improvements to get there. Luckily, it appears the voting results ended up being for the same purpose of the intention of this award. The 2007 BEST OPPORTUNITY for IMPROVEMENT goes to ..... Annapolis FamCamp, United States Naval Academy/Annapolis Naval Station, MD.

    After voting had ended, but BEFORE the results were announced, I received an email from the campground manager at Annapolis FamCamp. Remember, they weren't aware of this award yet. They already had a renovation planned for the campgound. However, funding was diverted in 2007. But they appear to be back on track to start renovations in September 2008. Four additional RV sites will be added, the water/electric/sewer in all sites will be renovated, a new bath house and laundry will be built, and the roads will be improved. The project is estimated to be completed by May 2009. Perhaps Annapolis FamCamp will be voted the OVERALL BEST Military Campground award next year!