We stopped to spend the night at Gila Bend FamCamp during peak winter season. Directions to the campground were spot on, and we had no problems at all. We arrived after the lodging office had closed, but Chuck, the campground host, walked out to meet us as we drove in. It was near evening and only a few (working) sites were available. Since we arrived after hours, we took our site and checked-in the following morning.

FHU RV Sites
FHU RV Sites

This is another of those miltary campgrounds that isn't mentioned much. Probably because the location isn't a destination area. Gila Bend Air Force Auxilary Field is under the control of Luke AFB, but almost ran completely by contractors. There's no customer facilities on base, except for the campground. No exchange, commissary, gym, or other facilities normally found on a base. There is a couple basketball courts,a vollyball court, and picnic areas across the street from the campgound. The primary mission of this field is to support the various services that utilize the Barry Goldwater Bombing Range. Usually, these aircraft use the field for minor maintenance and refueling.

The famcamp is spread out, with plenty of room between sites. The entire campgound is dirt with few trees. Most of the sites do have a small concrete patio, but no table, BBQ, and little vegetation. While all sites are supposed to have water/20,30,50amp  electric, sewer, and cable TV, it's not always working at every site. The main problem is the cable TV doesn't work on most sites, and others have electrical problems with with either the 30amp or the 50amp circuit. Check to make sure your site has the your electrical needs working prior to checking in.

When you arrive, find your site, check the electric, and check-in at the Desert Sands Inn temporary lodging desk, bldg 4300. Check-in is diagnally across the street from the NorthEast corner of the campground. This is the corner of Fourth and "I" streets. The famcamp has a fair stay limit policy, without accepting reservations. It's all first-come, first-served. You can stay 30 days in a FHU site before rotating to dry camping. But this only applies of the park is full. The dry camping area can't be used unless the FHU sites are all full. Otherwise, the maximum stay is 180 days. To us, it appears a few guests spend the 180 days there, but not many. The monthly rate is outstanding, but there's not many attractions in the area, or any support facilities on base.

FHU RV Sites Dry Camping Area
FHU RV Sites
Dry Camping Area

While the base is void of any support facilities, the famcamp does have a new small lounge and laundry. The 4 washers and 4 dryers are free. There's also a dump station located a short distance from the campgound on Fourth street. The nearby town of Gila Bend does have a few places for dining, and Yuma is only an hour away. The main area atttraction is Organ Pipe National Monument south of the famcamp. Mexico is also not too far South. The Gila Bend FamCamp makes a great stopping point for the night when traveling to Puerto Penasca, Mexico. This is another popluar RV'ing location on the coast in Mexico.

Laundry Lounge/Laundry
Laundry Laundry and Lounge
Check-in Office and Lounge

Check-in office and Lounge