Pine Bluff Arsenal CampsitesWhile staying at nearby Little Rock AFB FamCamp, we decided to take a drive and investigate the Pine Bluff Arsenal Campsites. At the time of our visit, there was only one review of this campground and no photos. We didnt have any problems finding the correct entry gate - the "Plainview" Gate. However, getting on the base and to the campground is a little bit of a hassle. The Plainview Gate is where all visitors to the base MUST stop and obtain a visitor's pass. Pine Bluff Arsenal is a closed base. Your military ID and vehicle decals alone won't get you in. You'll need to stop at the Plainview Gate and obtain a visitors pass. Before entering the gate, turn left into the parking lot for the visitors center. Take your drivers license with you. Once you've obtained your visitors pass, you can enter through the Plainview IF you don't have an RV. Otherwise, you'll need to go back and turn North to enter through the commercial gate - the Dexter Gate. But don't forget your visitors pass, or you'll be denied entry. Regardless of what gate you entered through, you'll then need to go to the Gym and check-in. Finally, you're free to go find the campground. While all of the above may sound confusing, it's not. Just follow the directions and instructions posted on the Pine Bluff Campsites information page in the Directory software or on the website.

The gym doesn't provide a good map and directions they gave were a bit confusing. Hopefully, the directions we've included are clear enough to find the campground. The campground is located near the Arkansas River away from most base activities. However, it is near a firing range (don't know how often it's used). The location is quiet, dark, and a bit secluded. Any size RV can handle the road to the campground and fit in any of the 4 sites. However, there is a dirt road to the campground. During our short visit, nobody was there.

Typical Site Arkansas River
Typical Site Pine Bluff Arsenal Campsites

There's not much at the campground, except for the 4 sites and the outdoors. You won't find any showers or bathrooms. The sites themselves have been severly neglected. The campground is located in a grassy field, neighboring trees, with the Arkansas River past the trees. The picnic tables, the BBQ's, and the electric boxes are all falling apart. The tables and BBQ's wouldn't be usable. I couldn't test the electric, but was concerned if they worked. Even if they did, be very careful! The exposed wires can be a hazard. There's no sewer connections at the sites. However, each site did have a working water spigot.

The best thing going for this military campground is the price. However, they recently raised their rates to $8 a night. If the electric is working, this is a fair price for what you get. The other positive aspect was previously mentioned, which is the quiet and secluded location. Depending on your needs for a campground, this place is either great or a location to keep on driving by.