Little Rock AFB FamCampWhile on our 2009-2010 winter vacation, we stopped at Little Rock AFB FamCamp for about a week's stay during Thanksgiving, 2009. Following the directions posted here got us to the FamCamp just fine. We also used the GPS coordinates, but have learned to "not trust" the GPS. The GPS wants to take you the shortest and most direct route. This isn't always the best route for a large RV. In addition, the GPS isn't aware of what base gates are open and can be used by a RV. This was another of those cases where the GPS would have saved 10 minutes on the drive, but wanted to take us through a back gate. Yes, this gate was much closer to the FamCamp, but there's no way a large RV was going to make it through the barriers (if even allowed). We've learned to always follow the printed directions and NOT the GPS (at least when in the motor home).

When we arrived at the FamCamp, we weren't sure if there was an available spot for us. Reservations are not accepted here. Although the camp host was gone for the holiday weekend, neighbors were quick to offer help. The FamCamp consists of two sections. The front section when you arrive was full, which gave us the worry. However, there's a back section that doesn't have sewer hook-ups. However, there were 5 or 6 empty sites back there. It's newer than the front section and more secluded. We actually preferred the back area. There's no stay limit here, and the front section (with full hook-ups) was almost full of long-term residents. However, there were a few sites marked for short-term only. The day after our arrival, a couple people moved out of the FHU sites. During the rest of the week, a couple FHU sites sat empty. We stayed in our back section.

The FamCamp is located near the middle of the base next to a park, lake, picnic areas, and nature hiking trail. It was actually quiet there, but convenient to the base facilities. Check-in can either be self-check-in at the campground or at the Outdoor Recreation office. For self-check-in, take an empty site then complete an envelope available at the bulletin board, and leave the envelope and payment in the box near site 4 (front section). We elected to visit Outdoor Rec and check-in there. Credit cards are accepted there. The Outdoor Recreation office carries a complete line of rental recreation equipment. The staff was friendly, but could have been more helpful. I had to ask for a base map and other info. Later, we learned that the Dining Facility was open to everyone for a Thanksgiving dinner.

Typical Partial Hook-up Site Back-in Site
Typical Partial Hook-Up Site Back-in Site
The Restrooms/Showers Partial Hook-up Site
Restrooms, Showers, and Laundry Partial Hook-up Site

The campground itself is nothing fantastic. It was clean and taken care of. The front section is closer to the main road through the base. This section contains 10 full hook-up RV sites, all back-in. It's also located on the parking lot used for the nature trail and picnic area. Some of the sites here seemed a little close. The back section has a combination of 6 gravel back-in sites, 6 tent sites, and 10 concrete pull-though sites. While none of these have a sewer connection, the RV sites do have water and 30amp electric. These sites are also spaced further apart than the front section. While the roads are paved, ths sites are combination of gravel and concrete, with most having a concrete patio and picnic table with some also having a BBQ.

Located in the back section, just around the corner of the front section are the restrooms/showers and laundry room. A combination is required to use these facilities. During check-in, we were never given the combination and the camp host was gone for the holiday. We could have asked another camper, but we didn't need to use the facilities. While I didn't view the inside of the restrooms and showers, the building is slowly falling apart and needs maintenance. The laundry room was unlocked, so I could take a photo of it. Again, okay, but nothing fantastic. There are 2 washers for $1.25 and two dryers for $1.00.

Back-in Site Partial Hok-up
Back-in Partial Hook-up Site Partial Hook-up
Laundry Room The Nearby Lake
Laundry Room The Nearby Lake

Since we were there during Thanksgiving, we took advantage of the Dining Facility for our Turkey and Ham dinner. This facility was modern and an "ala carte" system. I was a bit shocked to see Shrimp Cocktail for almost $10! Whatever happened to low priced meals at the "chow hall"? While the meal was good, the two of us came to almost $15 (with the surcharge). We didn't get too much food. While this was a higher price than I would expect, it's a good price compared to eating at a civilian restaurant. The commissary is large and well stocked. A new Base Exchange is being built next to the commissary. The current exchange is mid-sized.

We enjoyed our quiet holiday week at the Little Rock AFB FamCamp. We visited friends in the area, as well as visiting the 2 other nearby military campgrounds. At $12 a night for either a FHU or partial hookup RV site, the price is perfect for a military benefit and this location. When we're back in the area, this will be the place to stay.