Fallon_NASAfter spending a week Reno, NV, we decided to visit the Fallon NAS RV Park. Fallon NAS was a litle further away from Reno than we planned, but it was worth the trip. When we arrived, there were signs on the road for RV's to use the South Gate. We easily found the South Gate and had no problems getting trhough, even though our vehicle decals had expired. An ID card check was suffucient. From the gate, finding the RV park was pretty easy. However, we since learned that RV's can now use the Main Gate. The driving directions have been updated here. The RV Park is a short drive from the Main Gate.

Check in for the park isn't at the RV Park, but it's nearby. Just a few blocks away and within an easy walk. The office staff were friendly and helpful. There's also a wide assortment of trailers and recreation equipment for rent here. I did note that the office is only open weekdays. Instructions are posted on the door for weekend check in, which varies for Saturday and Sunday. Although we didn't have a reservation, the park was about 50% occupied. No problems getting in for the one night. During check-in, you'll get seperate keys for the mens and womens restroom/shower. Eityher of therse keys will open the laundry room. When you leave, there's a key drop box in the laundry room.

Fallon_NAS Fallon_NAS Fallon_NAS
Fallon_NAS Fallon_NAS Fallon_NAS

The RV Park is fairly new and shows it. RV sites are spaced a good distance apart and are compsed of gravel stones. There is a large concrete parking pad for your RV. Perhaps there's a reason for this, but I would think it makes more sense to park on gravel and have the concrete for your patio. But this isn;t possible with the location of the hook-ups. All sites are pull-through with full hook-ups. This includes 50 amp electric and cable TV with 70 channels. There's no vegetation in the park, just gravel and concrete.

There is one building inthe park, which holds the large laundry room, and the restrooms and showers. The laundry is free with two washing machines and three dryers. While there's no "lounge", there is a book case with a book exchange and a few game in the laundry room. The restrooms included two showers. Everything was very clean. Outside of the building is a patio with a couple picnic tables and charcoal BBQ's. There's no tables at the individual RV sites. Currently, free WiFi is available at the laundry room. However, they are working on getting it configured to work throughout the small RV Park.

While we heard and saw many Navy planes, the RV Park isn't next to the flight line. The "sound of freedom" wasn't annoying. Fallon NAS has all of the usual amenities. The commissary is of a good size and was well stocked. The Navy Exchange was a medium size and had the usual variety. There's also a fitness center, bowling alley, theater, car wash, equipment rentall, Tickets and Tours office, gas station (no diesel), and more available on the base. Being retired USAF, we enjoy visitng Navy instrallations Especially when we're there for movies at the theater. They are usually FREE at Navy bases. Our visit included a free movie at the base theater, which is almost across the street from the RV Park.

I've always been an advocate of the camping rates remaining reasonable at military campgrounds. These are a BENEFIT and should be priced accordingly. Unfortnately, some military campgrounds have exceeded the rates for off-base civilian RV Parks. We were VERY glad to see this isn't the case here. Currently, FHU sites are only $13 a night, $77 a week, or only $300 a month. However, once the WiFi is improved, higher HQ is making them raise the rates. But even at $15 a night, this is the correct rates for a BENEFIT.

We enjoyed our visit at Fallon NAS RV Park and will gladly return when back in the area. We would even enjoy spending a month here.