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Famcamp Peterson AFB 1 year 3 months ago #17589

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Please allow me to have my say. As a career civilian MWR Recreation Specialist, currently finishing my last 3 years in Federal service (out of series) working for the Coast Guard at CG Sector Columbia River, I am compelled to sit down and write this.

This may offend, this may provoke and stimulate thought or may be how you feel in this non-sensical world of make believe and delusional people. This culture of being offended at literally anything you hear and make yourself a victim is real and in your face almost everyday. It give people some perverse sense of control over others, believing and mostly succeeding in manipulating people for their own gratification for what ever reason?

It plays out in so many different ways that affect us all, even in the seemingly most innocent ways. There has always been "Federal Deadwood" (Civilians that make a pay check, but never earn a penny) As retired military you had to work with them everyday. The unnecessary drama in the work place, the lack of professionalism and more importantly the lack of respect for every service member in uniform. Now in this "cancel culture" it has been taken to a whole new level of insidious and vicious proportions.

I started my MWR career in 1986 running a Community Rec. program at Camp Hovey S. Korea within artillery range of the DMZ. I did not have a military background, no family members serving or exposure to the military traditions or expectations. This all changed the day I stepped off the plane in Seoul. The CO and CMD. SGT Major were hard core serious professional killers, doing what they were paid to do. Protect our country and their soldiers. They did not suffer fools. They also knew how naïve I was. Fortunately I understood how to keep my mouth shut, ears open and follow direction, or I wouldn't have lasted long.

"Take care of my Soldiers" was my direction for the CO. What more could a new MWR guy ask for? This experience set the tone for my career. I my many experiences, Deployed to the Balkans during the Kosovo conflict, two deployments after 9/11 as the Fun Boss on the John C. Stennis and Bonhome Richard, I learned what happens on a ship stays on a ship and if you are liked and fit in you will be respected and supported to achieve things in MWR not thought possible. If you don't work within the chain of command and lose sight of your loyalty by being a pipeline to civilian mgt. informing them of ship's business, you are through.

Civilians are placed in a dubious situation at best when it comes to serving two masters. On teh one hand you have civilian bosses you are responsible to, but on the other you must be accountable to your command or you will not have their support and without that support your life will be a living hell. So, I always knew what side my bread was buttered on. I never sold out my command or my community to ingratiate myself with my civilian mgt.to advance myself. All I ever wanted to do was program activities, improve quality of life and build relationships. I did this.

Throughout all the challenges and cultural changes over the years, one thing can not be challenged. The role of MWR in supporting the military by individuals educated and trained to deliver "Quality of Life" programs, facilities and experiences for all of you that had the courage and love of Country to sacrifice so much. In a small way I got to share these sacrifices, choosing to take jobs in Hardship or dangerous locations, never once fearing for my safety. Why would I when I had a whole Army, Navy or Air force to protect me. Literally.
So, what does any of this have to do with Perterson AFB? It has to do with a comment Mr. Farquar made about the Famcamp seemingly dying a slow death on the vine.
In his latest Newsletter "Spring has Sprung" he wrote, " Back in December, 2018, Peterson AFB near Colorado Springs, CO announced plans for a new FamCamp. They had a huge press-release on their website. They announced the new FamCamp would be opening in 2019. Well.... it never happened. I'm sure it's the usual budgeting issues.

The press release is no longer available on their website. Several calls to Peterson AFB MWR are either not returned, or nobody knows anything about a FamCamp. Hopefully, someday they'll get their new FamCamp, but it's not in the near future."

Whether or not Peterson builds a Famcamp or not is not important. What is important, more important than anyone will admit or even recognize, is "Several calls to Peterson AFB MWR are either not returned, or nobody knows anything about a FamCamp."

When I read this, I was both infuriated and sadly disappointed. I had a visceral reaction to this and had to let you all know my feelings!
Customer Service is the Heartbeat of MWR, It is the Heartbeat of every business. when you allow any organization, agency or business whether private or public to be so disrespectful, something must be said, or it becomes business as usual. Well, it has become business as usual. Although people think this is acceptable behavior and the way things are, going about their business it doesn't make it Right!
Please demand more and demand it with your voice and your dollars. You, the service member and your families not only deserve quality service, but have made the ultimate sacrifices to earn a call back from some low level MWR employee that can't be bothered to return a ph. call or take a precious minute to put down their cell ph. and give you the professional courtesy and respect to give you the information you are asking for.

Don't allow this. make the effort to find out who the CO is, who the MWR Chief is and call them. it's ok to be angry and demand better of these people, you pay their salaries, without you they have no job. Until people make an issue of this lack of basic customer service it will not change. Make people feel uncomfortable and do their jobs. Yes you will be gaslighted, because remember everyone is a victim and holding people accountable is painful for snowflakes. but if we are to ever return to a sane functioning society you must demand better performance.

I am truly sorry for the lack of respect and professionalism by MWR commands in meeting your expectations. It isn't just Peterson, It isn't just the AF it's throughout Federal Service. it's pervasive. Excellent Customer Service is no longer the rule it is the exception.

Thank you for allowing me to share my frustration and Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Farquar. I have been following you since I was the Outdoor Rec. Mgr for the 939th Air Refueling Wing. Braced 2008. I share your site with all my Coasties.
Keep up the great work.
Thank you.
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