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  • Authorized Users of Military Campgrounds +

    I've received many inquires asking "... am I allowed to use US Military Campgrounds?" These are usually from veterans who served a few years and have an honorable discharge. Sometimes it's from a retired civil service employee who worked for the Army, Navy, or USAF for 30+ years. And some of the inquires are from veterans who are 100% disabled. There's also been a lot of discussion on the various news groups about the 100% DAV authorized use issue. I attempted to do a little research and clear all of these issues up. The following are my findings. In a Read More
  • U.S. Air Force Frequent Camper Program +

      Would you like to receive 30 nights of FREE camping at U.S. Air Force FamCamps for only $25 - $40? You can, with the Air Force's Frequent Camper Program. The Air Force operates more than 60 FamCamps around the world, some at locations you may never have heard of. The Frequent Camper program was developed by U.S. Air Force Services to let you know where they offer camping facilities and provide some incentives to try them all. Lifetime membership in the program is only $25, which includes a logbook, "Military Living's" military campgrounds book, a set of membership decals for Read More
  • The Search for "Secret" Military Campgrounds +

    We're always on the search for "secret" military campgrounds. No, not highly classified campgrounds, rather military campgrounds that aren't advertised or well known. The various military services don't do a good job of advertising their own campgrounds. We've found military campgrounds that aren't even advertised on their own website. For some reason, these campgrounds are a "secret" to most people. Read More
  • Key West Military RV Snow Birding for Newbies +

    Editors note: This article was written by Steve Johnson and is used by permission. It's a great overview of what to expect and how to plan for an extended winter stay at the Key West NAS, FL. Key West Military RV Snow Birding for Newbies Winter 2009-2010 was our first year snow birding at Sigsbee and it was great in every aspect. We’re already planning for our return. We had a lot of questions before our maiden voyage so this is an attempt to supplement the information provided at the Sigsbee listing. It is our opinion so others may (will!) Read More
  • U.S. Military Campgrounds Directory Software Information! +

    This website is provided free to fellow servicemen and women who enjoy traveling and camping. To help support this website, I encourage you to try the FREE 7-day trial and purchase a subscription to the U.S. Military Campgrounds Directory software (Microsoft Windows only). The U.S. Military Campgrounds Directory is a computer software program with the same information found on this web site. However, NO Internet connection is required. You can now take the most current and complete information available on U.S. Military Campgrounds with you. Read More
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