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  • Authorized Users of Military Campgrounds

    I've received many inquires asking "... am I allowed to use US Military Campgrounds?" These are usually from veterans who served a few years and have an honorable discharge. Sometimes it's from a retired civil service employee who worked for the Army, Navy, or USAF for 30+ years. And some of the inquires are from veterans who are 100% disabled. There's

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  • U.S. Air Force Frequent Camper Program

    Would you like to receive 30 nights of FREE camping at U.S. Air Force FamCamps for only $25 - $40? You can, with the Air Force's Frequent Camper Program.

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  • U.S. Military Campgrounds Directory Software Information!

    This website is provided free to fellow servicemen and women who enjoy traveling and camping. To help support this website, I encourage you to try the FREE 7-day trial and purchase a subscription to the U.S. Military Campgrounds Directory software (Microsoft Windows only). The U.S. Military Campgrounds Directory is a computer software program with the same information found on this

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  • Key West Military RV Snow Birding for Newbies

    This article was written by Steve Johnson and is used by permission. It's a great overview of what to expect and how to plan for an extended winter stay at the Key West NAS, FL.

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