Firearms Policy Section ADDED to Campground Information.

As suggested by a website user, a NEW OPTION has been added to the campground (recreational facility) information pages. This option will include the installation or facilities policy on the possession of firearms. Many campers and RV'ers travel with a firearm in their vehicle. This new option will let you know what to expect when you arrive with a firearm in your possession and plan accordingly.

Some recreational facilities/installations require you to check firearms into the base armory, some allow you to keep them in your vehicle (after declaring them), and some don't allow firearms at all.

Initially, not many recreational facilities will have this option filled in. The "Firearms Policy" option will appear on the facilities information page after the pricing table ONLY if there's information to show. If blank, the option won't be shown. User's are now allowed to update the Firearms Policy when sending in a campground (recreational facility) update.

The U.S. Military Campgrounds Directory software will also start reflecting this information in the July monthly update.